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Flourish Occupational Therapy

Flourish Occupational Therapy provides home and community-based services to adults throughout Nova Scotia. We specialize in screening, assessment, and interventions that promote independence, engagement, and well-being. 

We pride ourselves on delivering accessible, inclusive, and client-directed services. 

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Meet the Team

Meet the therapists who make Flourish a place of care, compassion, and progress.


Our Services

Assessment rates are quoted on a per hour basis. For services offered within Halifax Regional Municipality there is no fee for travel. For services offered in other areas throughout Nova Scotia, the travel fee is determined based on the location and service. 


Functional Mobility & Falls Risk Assessment

A functional mobility and falls risk assessment is an assessment of an individual's ability to complete tasks and mobilize in their desired environments. This assessment will  help to determine an individuals risk of falls and required supports to reduce risk and promote independence. 


Skin Integrity Assessment & Pressure Injury Prevention

A comprehensive skin integrity and risk assessment will consider assess both current skin integrity concerns as well as an individuals future risk of developing skin integrity concerns. Preventative strategies may include specialized equipment and/or products, implementing skin health routines and more. 


Mental Health Assessment, Support Planning & Intervention

A mental health assessment will help to determine the impact of an individuals mental health condition on their daily function, engagement, and well-being. Support planning and interventions will be client-directed and aim to increase participating in meaningful activities. This service is also offered to caregivers who are supporting individuals with complex mental health needs. 


Medical Equipment Prescription

A medical equipment assessment will determine the requirement of specialized medical equipment to support function in daily tasks as well as promote safety and well-being. Equipment may include hospital beds, speciality mattresses, patient lifts, mobility supports, and more. 


Hospital Discharge Planning & Support

Hospital discharge planning and support will help to bridge the gap between hospital and home. Planning and support may include communication with the hospital care team, coordinating necessary equipment, providing training to at home supports and more.


Home Accessibility & Modification Consultation

An accessibility consultation will aid in determining potential modifications that will increase the accessibility of your home or business. Recommendations typically include consultation with a certified contractor. 


Wheelchair Seating Assessment & Prescription

A comprehensive wheelchair seating assessment will include a physical assessment of an individuals postures and range of motion, as well as discussion regarding factors contributing to use (environmental accessibility, supports, etc.), to determine the type of wheelchair as well components that will best support an individual's function and comfort. 


Caregiver Training, Education & Support (Paid or Unpaid Caregivers)

Caregiver training and support is available for both paid and unpaid caregivers. Training services include body mechanics and ergonomics related to mobility support, transfer training, and medical equipment use training. Additional services include resource navigation and mental health support. 


Health/Wellness/Medical Equipment Policy Consultation

Policy consultation services are offered to businesses or organizations. Policy consultation may include reviewing already existing policies or developing new policies. Policy topics include but are not limited to, medical equipment use and safety review, health-care planning, and employee safety pertaining to client support. 

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Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia


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